Wisdom of Warrior Priestess: Volume IV

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Awakening Your Inner High Priestess

But without Malfurion, she felt lost and alone, despite her devotion. Tyrande became more fierce over millennia of protecting their lands. She was now more willing to make any sacrifice needed to protect her people from danger.

Tyrande Whisperwind

Since then, the frostsabers have been allies of the night elves. The centuries passed, and suddenly, a new threat arrived on their shores. As the Third War started, druids in the Emerald Dream sensed the plague of undeath in the Eastern Kingdoms and informed Tyrande about it.

She sensed the works of the Burning Legion behind it. After the Horde and Alliance remnants arrived in Kalimdor and made their way to Ashenvale, the Sentinels reported the strangers to Tyrande. Having assumed the worst, she was pleased that the intruders were not demons and suspected that they were old enemies, trying to escape from the plague. She initially ordered the Sentinels to observe the two groups as she hoped that the refugees were simply passing through the forest in order to find new lands.

She was proven wrong when the orcs started felling Ashenvale's woods. Tyrande would have none of it and the Sentinels attacked the Warsong clan led by Grommash Hellscream. The Shadowleaf Sentinels, led by Shandris Feathermoon , returned to report with sorrow that Cenarius had been murdered by the green-skinned invaders. Tyrande gathered her Sentinels once again, and she sensed a growing evil. Shandris, in counsel, suggested that perhaps it was the orcs, but still, Tyrande was still uneasily aware that there was a darker power hiding in the shadows.

During her short campaign, Tyrande found a group of furbolgs who were trying to leave Ashenvale before it was corrupted. Tyrande helped them gather their people and bid them farewell. After killing Duke Lionheart , hordes of undead invaders suddenly swarmed into the settlement, and the orcs and humans were quickly overcome.

Tyrande quickly withdrew her forces, knowing that her small detachment could not handle such staggering numbers. They retreated, tirelessly followed by the undead. Finally, they caught up to them, and their fel leader was revealed. Archimonde slaughtered her kindred, and would have killed her if she had not quickly used the powers of Elune to hide in the shadows.

Enraged, Archimonde ordered his doom guard to find and destroy her. Hoping to warn Shandris before the Shadowleaves were attacked, Tyrande stealthily used her shadow powers to navigate the forests unseen. She collected the survivors of her cadre, and together, they raided the undead settlement blocking their way and made for the Shadowleaf encampment across the river. Tyrande knew that the time had come to awaken the druids once again.

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The dryads reported that Tichondrius and his Scourge were advancing on Malfurion's Barrow Den and the Horn of Cenarius on the Moonglade was blocked by an orcish settlement. In a race against time, Tyrande destroyed the orc camp, defeated the Primal Guardians of the Moonglade, recovered the Horn of Cenarius, and awoke Malfurion Stormrage, her love. Malfurion believed that Archimonde's primary motivation was to assault Nordrassil , the World Tree, steal its energies, and become a god.

However, when they arrived, Tyrande found the Felwood furbolg tribe. They had not escaped the corruption after all, and Tyrande, having no alternative ended their suffering once and for all. Malfurion noted that Tyrande was different than he remembered, and she replied acidly that she did not have the "luxury of sleeping through times of peril. After the Druids of the Talon were awakened, they proceeded back to the base of Mount Hyjal, where they entered the Barrow Deeps to find the Druids of the Claw. However, they soon came to an elven door, and Malfurion recognized it as the door to Illidan's prison.

Tyrande thought that they should free him, saying he would be the perfect power against the enemy. Malfurion forbade her to do so.

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However, Tyrande, enraged that he would forbid her anything, gathered her Sentinels and entered the prison. Tyrande had first requested that the Watchers release Illidan, but they strongly refused. Not willing to tolerate dissent with the imminent danger facing Azeroth, Tyrande had the Watchers that opposed her struck down and cleared the path to Illidan's prison.

Illidan, still in love with Tyrande, professed he would battle the demons, but not for the glory of the night elves. When they met Malfurion again, he rebuked Tyrande for freeing Illidan, and told her that he would have nothing to do with his brother.

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Soon after Illidan went to Felwood to battle the demons, Tyrande and Malfurion were alerted that Illidan was being attacked by Tichondrius. They quickly mustered their forces to assist him. When they arrived, they found that the Scourge and Tichondrius had been defeated, and found Illidan had beaten them by somehow transforming into a demon himself.

Tyrande was horrified, and made no objection when Malfurion banished Illidan from the forests forever. Soon, Malfurion brought Tyrande to a hillock in Ashenvale, where they met the leaders of the outlanders. Tyrande sent them away, insisting that they had no place being there. Suddenly, a powerful mage appeared in the commotion and revealed himself to be Medivh , the Last Guardian of Tirisfal.

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He told them that Archimonde was a leader of the eredar with powers beyond any of them, and that they would only be victorious if they joined forces. With the death of Cenarius still fresh in her mind, Tyrande felt wary but soon realized that she had little choice. So, together they planned their defense of Hyjal. Tyrande also tasked the elf Pained with assisting Jaina.

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Tyrande, Malfurion, and Shandris helped to defend Jaina Proudmoore 's base until it was finally overrun, then they moved to reinforce Thrall 's forces. Finally, Archimonde came upon the night elven settlement at the gates and destroyed it all. Everything was going according to plan. Archimonde, feeling over-confident by his victories, proceeded to attack the World Tree and disregarded the Ancestral Guardians who had begun to gather around the World Tree's roots.

At Malfurion's command, the Ancestral Guardians amassed and began their assault on Archimonde. As a result Archimonde was destroyed and the World Tree damaged. However, the group had won a victory against impossible odds. In the wake of the titanic battle the allies went their separate ways. Jaina's people settled on the island of Theramore , Thrall founded the territory of Durotar , and Tyrande and Malfurion remained on Hyjal and began rebuilding.

After many months, however, they were interrupted by a runner from Maiev Shadowsong , who reported that the Warden had come under heavy attack by Illidan. Malfurion decided to go to her and reinforce her, and Tyrande was quick to follow him. Tyrande and Malfurion sailed east to the Broken Isles and battled their way to Maiev, where they fought valiantly against Illidan's insidious naga.

Maiev was grateful for Malfurion's assistance, but turned up her nose at the sight of Tyrande. Maiev told Tyrande that she was to blame for Illidan's escape and the murders of the Watchers who'd been guarding him, that she should be locked away like Illidan, but Tyrande defended her actions and told her she had no right to judge her. Malfurion told them to set it aside before they can trade blows.

Illidan told her that he wanted to show her his power. However, Tyrande revealed a detail that had haunted Illidan for ten thousand years; she believed that raw magical power can never replace one's true inner strength. This is why she had chosen Malfurion over Illidan.