Van Gogh and the Art of Living: The Gospel According to Vincent van Gogh

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He forsook the "gray harmonies " which he had so long studied for a more colored palette , and started to paint street scenes and city views. Van Gogh reworked his technique, studying the optical impression produced by small strokes of primary colors red, blue and yellow and complementary colors purple, orange and green.

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Van Gogh was also sensitive to Synthetism current of GAUGUIN , which tended towards a certain abstraction and stylization where shapes of objects were obtained by use of colored zones delimited with precision. Van Gogh was going to explore these new ways in a series of still life paintings, such as " Hollyhocks in a jug ", " Vase with zinnias and other flowers " , then " Imperial crown fritillaria in a copper vase", and for the first time " Four cut sunflowers " Since he could not pay for models, Vincent paints persons who accept to pose for him, and will realize not less than 25 self-portraits between March and February Most of his works of that time do not carry the typical print of Van Gogh, as if he were to continue his research without attempting to express his own vision and he "would not produce anything good before he had worked on at least two hundred paintings".

Finally, Van Gogh got tired and depressive and wished to leave the agitation of Paris, its rigorous winters, for the south of France where he carried with him the hope to found a community of artists, a new " Workshop of the South ". During the time of his stay in Arles, from his arrival on February 20, , to his departure for Saint-Remy mental hospital on May 8, , Van Gogh was going to carry out some paintings , more than one hundred drawings, and to write more than letters. Arles is at that time an important city of inhabitants. Vincent moves there into the "Yellow House" , and the reactions of Van Gogh with regard to Arles are variable: "All here is sometimes as formidably cheerful as Holland is sad" or "I think that the beauty of women and costumes is not that cheerful as Holland is sad".

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Vincent will never get truely integrated into Arles : "people here are lazy and carefree", "I nowhere see here the cheerfulness of the south of which Daudet speaks so much, but rather an insipid ease and a sordid negligence". But he did not have to complain about landscapes of which the artist has poetic visions: "what compensations when comes one day without wind, which intensity of colors, which purity of the air, which vibrating serenity".

Van Gogh works frenziedly, while painting his new universe with a vivacity of colors and a cheerfulness new in his career, without wasting time to search for new subjects.

He barely visits the neighbouring areas , except for a short trip to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer to see the Mediterranean sea, from May 30 to June 3, from which he will draw several splendid paintings, such as "Fishing boats on the beach at Saintes-Maries" , and which consolidates him in the idea to continue to paint in the South. If landscape paintings dominate the work of Van Gogh during this period, it is with his regret, fault of finding occasions to make portraits. The portrait was the kind that Van Gogh preferred: "it is something individual, in which I feel in my element".

He was happy, before the two men will oppose about their way of working, and before what he was to call, "the catastrophe" , in the day of December 23, which saw Van Gogh threatening Gauguin with a razor, before partially mutilating his own right ear. He will quickly recover and regain the Yellow House as of January 7, , starting again to paint: " Self-portrait with the bandaged ear ", " Portrait of Dr.

Felix REY ", " Vincent's chair with pipe " Vincent was delighted by the news. He painted a large canvas for his baby nephew: almond branches against an intense blue sky, the early-blossoming tree serving as a symbol of new life. She has brought into the world a fine boy who cries a lot but who seems to be in good health. Your paintings are well placed and look very well.

Many people came up to ask me to give you their compliments. He stopped off on the way to visit Theo and Jo, and his new nephew, Vincent Willem. Silently the two brothers looked at the quietly sleeping baby — both had tears in their eyes. Jo van Gogh-Bonger in 'Brieven aan zijn broeder' Letters to his brother , Things seemed to be improving. Vincent took great pleasure drawing and painting in the countryside around Auvers, and he also enjoyed a visit from Theo, Jo and baby Vincent Willem in June He set off from the guesthouse every day in search of subjects for his paintings.

Vincent paid Theo and Jo one last visit in Paris in early July , but returned downcast.

Theo was having problems at work and talked of setting up his own art firm. What can be done. On 27 July , Vincent shot himself in the chest with a pistol. Vincent had this letter on him when he attempted suicide on 27 July in a wheat field near Auvers. The stains might be blood from his self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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I miss him so; everything seems to remind me of him. Theo died in Utrecht in early , six months after Vincent. They rest side by side in the little cemetery amid the wheat fields of Auvers. Accept No, Thank you. To Theo from The Hague, 22 July Theo, I must again recommend that you start smoking a pipe.

Large family.

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Vincent to Theo from Dordrecht, 22—23 April Assistant schoolmaster. Assistant schoolmaster in England Following his dismissal from Goupil, Vincent worked in England for a while as an assistant schoolmaster and curate to a vicar. Other mail In addition to letters, Vincent sent Theo all sorts of other things: books, prints, chocolate and clothes.

Studying in Amsterdam. Studying in Amsterdam Vincent planned in to become a minister of the church. Shop assistant in Dordrecht. Shop assistant in Dordrecht Having returned from England, Vincent spent three months working in a bookshop in Dordrecht.

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To Theo from Amsterdam, 3 April Evangelist in Belgium. No contact. No contact Vincent was no longer in paid employment, and took poor care of himself. Christ of the Coalmine. Getting along. Getting along Vincent moved back in with his parents in Etten, in the Dutch province of North Brabant, in Row with Pa.

Living together in Paris Theo suggested that Vincent should come to Paris to make the acquaintance of colourful contemporary French painting. Vincent to Theo, Paris, on or about 28 February Collecting together. Reconciliation Living together was frequently difficult, but Vincent and Theo were eventually reconciled.

Vincent on Theo. Theo on Vincent. To the South By the beginning of , Vincent had grown tired of big city life. Paul Gauguin.