The Texarkana Moonlight Murders: The Unsolved Case of the 1946 Phantom Killer

The Texarkana Moonlight Murders: The Unsolved Case of the 1946 Phantom Killer
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You will begin to understand the reasons behind events in your own life. Journey of Souls is a life-changing book. Already, over , people have taken Journey of Souls to heart, giving them hope in trying times. Fred and Rose West are virtually unique in British criminal history: a husband and wife who loved and killed together. During their long relationship, the Wests murdered a series of young women, burying the remains of nine victims under their home at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester, including those of their daughter.

The Unsolved Texarkana Moonlight Murders

What was left of Fred West's eight-year-old stepdaughter was dug up from under the Wests' previous Gloucester home; his first wife and nanny were buried in open country. Most victims had been decapitated and dismembered, their remains showing signs of sexual torture.

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These twelve are just the ones police found when the Wests were arrested in There may be more whose bones have not been located. Beginning with Fred's and Rose's bizarre childhoods, Sounes charts their lives and crimes in forensic detail, creating a fascinating and truly frightening account of a marriage soaked in blood.

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The salacious and scandalous murders of a series of couples on Texarkana's "lovers lanes" in seemingly idyllic post-WWII America created a media maelstrom and cast a pall of fear over an entire region. What is even more surprising is that the case has remained cold for decades.

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The Texarkana Moonlight Murders: The Unsolved Case of the Phantom Killer eBook: Michael Newton: Kindle Store. Read The Texarkana Moonlight Murders: The Unsolved Case of the Phantom Killer book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on.

Combining archival research and investigative journalism, Pulitzer Prize nominated historian James Presley reveals evidence that provides crucial keys to unlocking this decades-old puzzle. Dubbed "the Phantom murders" by the press, these grisly crimes took place in an America before dial telephones, DNA science, and criminal profiling. Even pre-television, print and radio media stirred emotions to a fever pitch.

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  6. The Texarkana Moonlight Murders (Part One: The Phantom) — Unresolved.

The Phantom Killer, exhaustively researched, is the only definitive nonfiction book on the case, and includes details from an unpublished account by a survivor, and rare, never-before-published photographs. Although the case lives on today on television, the Internet, a revived fictional movie and even an off-Broadway play, with so much of the investigation shrouded in mystery since , rumors and fractured facts have distorted the reality.

Now, for the first time, a careful examination of the archival record, personal interviews, and stubborn fact checking come together to produce new insights and revelations on the old slayings. A pioneer in uncovering the secrets of life, internationally recognized spiritual hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton takes you once again into the heart of the spirit world. His groundbreaking research was first published in the bestselling Journey of Souls, the definitive study on the afterlife. Now, in Destiny of Souls, the saga continues with 70 case histories of real people who were regressed into their lives between lives.

Newton answers the requests of the thousands of readers of the first book who wanted more details about various aspects of life on the other side. Katie was shot twice from the same window, while trying to contact the police after witnessing her husband's death. As the killer was approaching her, she ran to her neighbors house, and was brought to Michael Meagher Hospital.

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Starks survived the attack and, while in the operating room of the hospital, she was questioned on the event by Miller County Sheriff W. A flashlight without fingerprints was left by the killer underneath the window that Mr. Starks was shot from. Although the weapon, in this case, was believed to be a.

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As the peak of the town's hysteria was reached, inquiries were implemented, rewards were increased and new ones were posted by the authorities and by the father of Virgil Starks. By november , authorities no longer considered the Starks murder connected with the other double murders. The consternation and panic caused by the murders lasted throughout the summer, eventually fading away three months later. The Texas Rangers left Texarkana in October without letting anyone know, in order to keep the killer from attempting another attack.

It was later discovered the man was allegedly killed, with a sharp object, before being placed on the tracks. Earl McSpadden, the man, was widely believed to be either the Phantom whom finally committed suicide, or the latter's final victim. No other crime occurred in Texarkana was ever linked to the Phantom Killer.

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A remake of the latter was released in Every October, near Halloween, the movie is the last shown during the event "Movies in the Park", which take place in Texarkana. The Phantom Killer attacked young couples in lonely or private areas some of which were well-known lover's lanes just outside city limits. He would always attack on weekends, usually three weeks apart, and always late at night. In the Starks case, he shot an older couple of victims, from a closed window of their house, which he then invaded without taking anything. During the majority of the murders attributed to him, the killer employed what was thought to be a.

In the case of the Starks murder, he was thought to have employed a. During his first reported attack, he wore a white cloth mask fitted with eye and mouth holes. It is not know if he wore the same attire during the other murders. On one occasion, he sexually assaulted a victim with the barrel of his gun. There are no reports indicating sexual assaults, torture or even mutilations in the other cases, although contemporaneous rumors suggested so.

Phantom: The Texarkana Moonlight Case (Part 1)

The Texarkana Gazette even published its first spot-colored photograph to print a color rendering of a flashlight found at the scene of the Starks shooting. It has long been speculated that Youell Lee Swinney, then a year-old man from Arkansas, was behind the killings. When police arrested him on a car theft charge, Youell Lee Swinney apparently asked, "Will they give me the chair? Peggy Swinney had told police that she witnessed one of the killings, but later did not testify in court because she would've been compelled to testify against her husband.

The suspect was never charged in any of the murders, as his wife refused to testify and evidence was otherwise too thin. They've caught the guy who did it. He's an ex-convict. Breaking News.

Part One: The Phantom

A clerk from the Bowie County selective service Board No. But, just like him, she appeared to have been shot more than once. Gonzaullas retired from the Rangers in and moved to Hollywood to become a technical consultant for radio, television, and motion pictures most notably, the long-running s radio and TV show, "Tales of the Texas Rangers". The Little River County coroner explained, "We found a deep cut over the man's temple [two inches wide and one and one-half inches long], which is sufficiently deep to cause death. A March 27th article published in the Texarkana Gazette read as follows: "Sheriff Bill Presley and his deputies have a difficult task ahead of them as they attempt to solve the shocking double murder discovered Sunday morning. Because no saxophone was found, officers hoped that it would lead them to a suspect.