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Acceleration Code for Platformers/Top-Down Games
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In its simplest appearance the method is equivalent to a lifting line method with a wake relaxing in axial direction. A more elaborated code, VIAX, has been developed specifically for the calculation of axial velocities in the near wake. Finally an approach is presented for the computation of loads under dynamic inflow conditions.

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Coding Math: Episode 9 - Acceleration

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Without knowing the initial velocity, this can't be done. Even if you do know the initial velocity, it's not going to be terribly accurate, because you won't know the acceleration in the intervals between measurements.

Use the gravity sensor

Dawood, The starting speed is Zero. You can determine the speed from a fixed position to end point with time and acceleration. I can assume a constant positive acceleration between each acceleration. This is calculable. ToArray , 0.

InBetween InBetween SteveColeman In the first equation, fx would be a lambda expression that represents the function acc t and x0 and x1 would be the initial and final times you want to consider. In the second equation, fx would represent discrete t, acc data. InBetween I am doing some tests on the calculation.

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I am going to drop the sensor at different heights. If its close to accurate. I will accept your answer.

SteveColeman That wont be true. You could consider creating a speed "curve" by integrating by intervals the acceleration curve and then integrating the speed curve which will give you distance.

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