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Metro Exodus expansions will tell the tales of a lost colonel and an American survivor

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As the group resumes work on the raft, Walt notices a column of black smoke in the distance. The survivors then tell Rousseau about the hatch, and their need to open it. Rousseau offers to take them to the "Black Rock", where she says they can find dynamite. Jack runs into Sawyer in the jungle, and hands him a pistol with ammo "just in case". They share an awkward, distant goodbye.

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He tells Jack what Christian said about his son , and Jack is visibly moved. Jack moves off into the jungle to find explosives. As the raft prepares for launch, Sayid gives the team a radar emitter and flare gun, while Charlie Pace Dominic Monaghan gathers messages from the remaining castaways to put in a bottle, and Walt leaves Vincent with Shannon. Sun says goodbye to Jin, handing him a notebook of phonetically written English terms to help him communicate with the others. This encourages him to speak to her and they reconcile.

He says that he will still go, but because he wants to rescue her from the island. After all the goodbyes, the raft team sets off, while in the distance, the column of smoke continues to rise. Following Sun's flashback from the previous episode, Jin goes to the bathroom, he encounters a Caucasian man John Walcutt who reveals, in Korean, that he works for Sun's father, and knows that Jin was attempting to run away with Sun.

He tells Jin to complete his delivery of a watch to Sun's father's friend in California and says he will never be free. In his hotel room, Charlie attempts to find his drugs.

Lost Best Scenes - Jack and Sawyer (Season 1 Episode 23 Exodus Part 1)

A girl Terasa Livingstone , whom he has obviously slept with, asks if he has any left. He lies and says that he's run out, but she realizes that he's lying and attacks him for the drugs. Michael and Walt wait in the airport for their flight.

Michael calls his mother and asks if she can take care of Walt, eventually even offering to pay her. Walt appears to overhear part of the conversation while asking Michael for batteries for his video game. Hurley awakens late for his flight due to a short-circuit in the wall outlet that leaves his alarm clock without power. In a mad dash for the airport, he experiences several problems, including a flat tire and arriving at the domestic terminal rather than international; he manages to get to the terminal just as they are closing the gate.

The boarding agent is able to get them to reopen the doors for him, and he hugs her. Airline staff tell Locke that the wheelchair that is normally used to load disabled passengers on to the plane is missing, and he must be carried on by two attendants.

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When he drops a pamphlet from his seat, he is unable to reach it, but struggles to maintain his dignity. The final flashback is a montage that shows the group of strangers boarding the plane. Claire struggles in the aisle to get to her seat. Kate is led in handcuffs onto the plane. Sawyer searches for his seat as Charlie stores away his guitar.

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Jack puts his luggage into the overhead compartment, with Locke watching right behind him. Sun sits quietly with Jin, who is staring at the watch. Sayid endures the subtle racism of a fellow passenger sitting near him by looking at pictures of his lost love Andrea Gabriel. Shannon frantically searches for her inhaler in her purse, but Boone gives it to her, causing her to smile. Hurley makes it on to the plane, giving Walt a thumbs-up before sitting down.

Arzt helps Claire put her bag in the overhead compartment. Finally, Jack, about to sit down, catches Locke's eye, and the two politely acknowledge each other, unaware of what awaits them.

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"Exodus: Part 1" and "Exodus: Part 2" are collectively the first season finale of the American drama television series Lost, consisting of the 23rd episode and a. Something unexpected at sea surprises those on the raft; the remaining islanders try to blow open the hatch; a visitor to the encampment could be a threat to Claire's infant son.

The Black Rock is revealed to be the hull of a Portsmouth -registered wooden sailing ship, marooned in the jungle. After Rousseau leaves them, Locke, Kate, and Jack enter the ship through a large hole in the hull. Skeletons are found shackled together, likely the remains of slaves.

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Old mining equipment is also found, including at least two cases of highly-volatile dynamite sticks. Jack and Locke haul one of the cases out of the ship. While attempting to handle some of the dynamite carefully, Arzt accidentally triggers one of the sticks upon waving it around, blowing himself up.

Flashback Cross-Overs

The remaining survivors decide to continue, wrap the dynamite in wet cloth, and try to carry it back to the hatch. Ross Lara , Kapitan , Cassidy Ford.

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