SEULING, Barbara 1937-
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Aside from considering herself a tomboy, here are some other trivia tidbits about the young actress nicknamed "The Tiny Canadian".

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Celebrity Wonder has a section dedicated to Sheryl Crow pictures, gossip and trivia. Movie stars' real names aren't always common knowledge, but these little bits of trivia can be fun to know. Knowing a movie star's birth name probably isn't very useful outside of a Jeopardy competition, so file this one under fun bits of trivia.

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Of course many people are just naturally curious about this type of thing, and dates and details surrounding the death of a celebrity make for common trivia fodder. In also has some trivia about the event itself, such as who hosted the awards ceremony in any given year. It also includes small bits of trivia , such as which big stars attended the ceremony, who hosted, and information on buying tickets to the next event. Their birth names have become interesting bits of trivia for celebrity watchers and entertainment buffs.

Poolside games are a hilarious diversion for sunbathers, and trivia contests abound.

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Children's History Press. On this website, in addition to tons of extra info and trivia about the production, you can compare the stage lyrics to the film lyrics. Elder author of Last Words of the Executed : " Last words matter because they cannot be taken back. Celebrity Wonder has a section dedicated to Sheryl Crow pictures, gossip and trivia. Items on display include the Wright Flyer, the Spirit of St.

Ballroom dance lessons, photography classes, trivia games, ship tours - including an educational guided tour of art collections - wine tastings, and spa seminars are frequently offered. Gaming tournaments for slot machines, bingo, trivia , and card games. Organized activities revolving around teens' interests, including computer classes, dance lessons, sports competitions, and trivia contests.

Grandparents will enjoy the trivia contests, library, therapy spa treatments, and classic dance music. All the contest requirements vary, however, and may include physical competitions, drawings, trivia , and other ways to win. The concert sailings also feature fun games, such as Elvis look-alike contests, dance competitions, trivia games and karaoke challenges. Dog Information is your resource for all miscellaneous doggie facts and trivia.

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Complete Book of Historic Presidential Firsts: With Fascinating Details & Factual Tid-Bits eBook: Michael Duvalle: Kindle Store. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Complete Book of Historic Presidential Firsts: With Fascinating Details & Factual Tid-Bits at

Petey always had a ring around his eye, obviously makeup, but trivia buffs might be amused to know that the ring changed from eye to eye. My Top Dogs: Comical canine videos, dog trivia , training and care tips are all available at this site. Trivia can be created around just about anything: movies, books, plants, music, television shows, the Bible -- get creative. Tailor the trivia questions around things that the seniors can relate to.

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If you are looking for ways to help inspire and entertain older friends and loved ones, you may be interested in trivia for senior citizens. Trivia is a form of mental exercise, helping to keep the mind sharp and enhance cognitive functioning. You can find trivia for seniors within the game aisle at your local department store, in the book section, or even online. Purchase games and download them to your computer, or surf the Web for free trivia sites. AARP's scheduled chat rooms are organized around member interests, such as poetry and trivia.

Lipman's book is interlaced with interesting historical trivia and humor. Eager riders are treated to a review of classic Survivor moments as they wait in the queue where video montages, photographs, and trivia plaques line the waiting area. The interior of the maps makes them even more collectible because new ride trivia , logos, artist drawings, schematics, and panoramic photos are often printed in the opening fold. At it's heart, the game was a trivia game and when you answered a question right, you were rewarded with real videos of topless girls going various things, like bouncing on Rocket Balls.

Your head is filled with trivia and other useless facts that will serve you no good when you're out trying to pay your bills. As you can imagine, this iteration of the game focuses on music trivia , but the questions span many generations. As with most other trivia games, however, this title is also riddled with a very common problem. When you throw in fun visuals, colorful characters, and all sorts of great musical trivia in a fantastically designed game show format, you know that you've yourself a winner. The replay value can be lacking, so you'll want to invest in other trivia games too.

Scene It? Each trophy is a part of the Nintendo universe and has trivia and a scalable 3D trophy you can oggle over. LoveToKnow has done a bit of research to find out where you can get your Trivia fix.

Their idea was to create a board game that would challenge its players with trivia on various different subjects. You can play the X-Men trivia game, buy better equipment and skills to upgrade your team, and store extra items in your "Hero Stash" box. Trivia To Go - Test your general knowledge, answering miscellaneous questions from different topics. With the exception of the Trivia game, all of the others have four or more stars from users, and tens or hundreds of thousands of downloads.

The app library for each phone also has academic uses, with apps available for math calculations, scientific equations, history facts and trivia quizzes. The names of famous homeschoolers can be an interesting bit of trivia , but learning more about them can also help you feel confident in your decision to homeschool. Puzzle games, trivia games, and racing games are all fun and easy to play even if you have no previous experience with an Xbox or Playstation 3.

Some nuggets of wisdom can help you fight colds quicker, others can serve to solve the riddle of stubborn health issues, and yet others are just fun trivia to know. They answer trivia questions about the movie, act out a hidden talent or play Truth or Dare as part of their audition to be in the next High School Musical. This board game will allow you to air some of your own dirty laundry while actually seeing if you are a true Desperate Housewives fan through a series of trivia questions. The goal is to uncover the three "hidden" secrets of Wisteria Lane by answering trivia questions about the television show.

Many of these trivia games are made for the entire family to play, while others are for more mature players. Since the web site is more of an educational one, the suggestions they provide for game ideas revolve around flash cards, learning games, and trivia.

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Trivia l Pursuit - Kid's Version - This classic trivia game includes questions that are fun for both kids and adults. Trivia l Pursuit - A trivia game in which players receive colored answer pieces in exchange for correctly answering questions on a variety of subjects. Trivia games: Your knowledge of the mundane and the obscure could come in handy as you answer questions. A lifelong board-game lover and huge fan of trivia , Anita couldn't be more thrilled to be working with Screenlife.

The show about nothing has finally spawned two Seinfeld board games for any fan of the show, serious trivia nut or casual observer alike. The best perk to Seinfeld Scene-It is that you do not have to be a huge trivia buff to play it. The players compete against one another in feats of trivia about the show as well as jumbled words and nickname challenges. The trivia cards and token pieces get placed on the table top as you play. Popular trivia games include the standard types like Trivia l Pursuit to show or movie specific types like Disney trivia board games.

So if you're a fan of anything Disney and love trivia , then finding a Disney trivia board game won't be that tough. This Disney trivia board game has over questions devoted to Disney's movies and characters as well as the animated movies of Pixar. If you've exhausted all questions from both Disney trivia board games, then you can purchase an add-on pack for either Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Games.

The templates at JC-Schools can be best used with word games and trivia games. The majority of the game boards are best used for trivia or games that utilize game cards because the boards have spots for the cards. Other memory games involve quizzing about knowledge, asking trivia questions, and inviting players to study a scene before answering detailed questions about it.

The original Twilight game is based on trivia from the popular novel and movie and conflicting storylines between the two. Twilight Deluxe Edition is chock full of trivia taken straight from the blockbuster movie. To advance around the board, players must correctly answer questions from traditional trivia cards and DVD-based puzzles.

If you love trivia , then you'll want to check out one of the many versions of Trivia l Pursuit. A modern board game that utilizes your DVD player to ask and show you trivia questions to answer, puzzles to solve and other types of games to view so you can move your piece to the finish. The Scene It games revolve around pop culture media like music, movies or books so an intricate knowledge of obscure trivia is not necessary.

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Some editions aren't really "editions" with a full board and pieces, but may be trivia packs that are used in conjunction with an already published edition of the game. There are also international editions that focus on regional topics like Manchester United, the World Cup, and trivia from the UK. In many of the editions of the 's, the questions got easier, or so many trivia and Trivia l Pursuit buffs claimed.

Here's a good piece of trivia : Mark Walberg hosted an unaired pilot of the syndicated show. It contains trivia questions that require different levels of knowledge, and players move across a board as they answer questions correctly.

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The Disney version features trivia cards about Disney animated films. Out of the trivia cards, are for children and are for adults. The most award-winning party game ever, Wits and Wagers is a trivia game for people who may not be good at trivia. Our writers have worked hard to bring you one of most comprehensive collections of Christmas tips and trivia available on the Internet.

Playing Christmas trivia games is one way to get the company Christmas party going. Limit yourself to just one or two trivia games in order to get the party started. Ask Christmas trivia questions, such as "What is the War on Christmas? At a designated time, collect trivia sheets and tally up who got the most questions correct. Interactive: Delight the addressee with something a little different by sending out a card with a Christmas game, trivia quiz, or point-and-click activity on the first page.

Word Games: Christmas trivia games, snowman hangman, holiday word searches, and Christmas crosswords are all popular games. Create fun puzzles and games such as crosswords, word searches, or trivia questions to use at holiday parties or to enclose with Christmas cards. Find out how much your friends and family know about Christmas by challenging them to a game of trivia.

Many teach science and history through dinosaur trivia , exploration, or stories. The book also quizzes fans with obscure trivia facts and "Who said this line? Questions could be based on historical events, trivia , etc. Instructions could be statements like, "Do five jumping jacks with your eyes crossed" or "Walk around the room like an elephant". There are many different places to find Bratz games and trivia online. Sites such as Encarta and USA. Not only will your kids learn interesting trivia about the birth of America, but they'll also have lots of fun.

Since every state has its own capitol, you can add to the challenge by making that particular question part of the trivia fun! Besides the traditional Thanksgiving arts and crafts, you can challenge your kids with a game of Thanksgiving trivia. For more turkey trivia , visit this fun-filled Thanksgiving Trivia site. You can download and print trivia facts and cut them into small scraps.